Across The Fence

There was a season in which I built a fence around my heart to keep the pain away. As TDJakes mentioned, that fence also kept out love.  It's crazy because I have the biggest heart, but when you've been hurt, betrayed, and let down there are times you just pull back to heal. It's not that you ever stop loving. It's more so reducing the risk of being hurt even more.


After taking the time to heal, I realize that it's okay to honor your space, healing, and development. I also encourage you to allow those specific people who God may send into your life at that time to show you love in a new way.

I have been blessed by so many mentors, family, friends, and clients who said just the right thing at just the right moment. Everyone isn't the same. God uses people to teach us something different. 
I am so grateful for those who have shown me healthy friendship, love, and growth. 
Be patient with yourself.
Be compassionate.
Be honest.


When your intuition tells you to try again, trust it. 
This picture is one of my favorites because these women are so strong and symbolize love, healing, and hope.

I didn't realize how powerful these shoots were at first. Now I realize that they allowed us to celebrate and see a version of ourselves the world had never seen. 
I think we all yearn for that. To manifest the version of ourselves that resembles our highest potential. Take your time but make intentional steps in that direction and eventually, you will make it. 
I am a living witness that it gets better. One step at a time. 

Tierra Destiny