Black Women at Work

I've lived it. It's frustrating and it happens daily. It has become the norm so it's not even noticeable in most cases. One of my more obvious cases was when a seasoned,

White male counterpart took my marketing layout packet and threw it in the trash in front of the entire team because he didn't "care" what it was "suppose" to be because this is how it "is" and we had a deadline to meet. My managers were present and all. I was 38 HOT and absolutely nothing was done.

Maybe a joke or two at happy hour amongst the fellas if anything. Thank God those  remind me of the bitterness that I so desperately did not want to suppress and inspires me to keep driving forward. Not everyone is in a position to speak up about this issue. Who is going to pay their bills if they get fired? #bereal Consider yourself blessed if you can express your truth openly because not everyone can.