Fitness Shift

Since I was brave enough to post my weigh-ins every day on Instagram Stories, I'm now able to show some of the fat I became a pro at hiding! Yup!! I had three rolls down my back and the body shaper would cover two! I've worked off two of them with one left. Do I love myself ??? Yes! And the more I fall in love the more honest I'm getting about my choices. If I eat it, let it be because I am making a conscious decision and not just one of habit or emotions. Going through all those memories yesterday had me snacking like crazyyyyy. Heck! Imagine years of emotions and stress lol!!! It's starting to make sense but I'm being patient. I love good food and I love knowing I'm able to decide if I truly want it or not. Thanks for the support!!! I've come a longing way with a long way to go!

Lower stomach and thighs are my biggest challenge! I love my shape I just want to be healthy from the inside out. My goal is 23 more pounds.