Le Struggle

I'm really struggling with something. It's like you reach a certain point in your life and people and mentors tell you not to bother yourself with minute issues that are no longer worth the thought. But heck! I'm still human. I still have a heart and emotions. I don't want success or growth to mean I only share good moments or that I'm always watching what I say. I'm not trying to blend in. Sorry. I am not a messy person, so I deal with my pain and cry and forgive as best I can and then later share the lesson without tagging people but I'm telling y'all this most recent one is still weighing on my heart. People see me and assume BC my platform is public that I don't deal with games from dudes. I do.

They come at me with every angle you can imagine. I deal with family stuff. I deal with friends, fake friends, old friends, new friends, all that. Lol! Trust me. How do you think I'm able to share ENFORCE Boundaries, Pay attention, know when to let go, and sometimes it's hard. Even for me. When the mistress or side chick contacts you years later, then what? When you want to show empathy but then your friends say no, protect your heart move forward, it's tough. I share this to say, I'm a woman like you. Yes, life feels different. I can take care of my children without worry thanks, God but that doesn't mean I don't go through the same mess if not more. I just handle it differently than I would have in the past. People try to hurt you in different ways and you must still rise. Still, love. Keep moving forward and be true to you. When I want to cry, I cry. When I want to laugh until it's all out and I can't breathe lol!!! I do! I'm human so if someone has an issue with me being a human being as I grow and have some judgment about me, cool, go cash it in. I will always be me. Life won't be perfect, but still, I rise. You should as well.