Pause with TDR in St. Croatia

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in deep thought and preparation regarding my return to The Virgin Islands.

As I look at the pictures from last year, I don't even feel like the same woman. I swear the name of the conference was God's command to me as the speaker, SURRENDER IT!!!

I promise you guys, this moment inside the ocean with my sister Joanna D Samuel was one that I am so grateful for!!

I decided to surrender a few things that I had held so dear to my heart. The inner work prior to the visit had allowed many of the memories to loosen up just enough to be surrendered one by one. There was a joy, a renewal, in a sense that pushed me higher and deeper at the same time. Higher because I felt light. Deeper bc I could see and feel more of me and my essence at the core.

To be honest, I took as few pictures as possible and I ran from the red carpet pictures. I hated my weight. This trip prompted my decision to get serious about my desire to lose. I had just chopped off all of my hair but I knew what I had to do to start fresh. It felt so liberating. It felt like a new beginning.

I had no idea that Joanna would join me in South Africa for the next chapter but it was one for the ages!!! It felt like that chapter was God downloading new dreams into us.

I am so humbled and grateful that I have been confirmed as the Keynote Speaker again alongside Annamaria Heyliger-Hector for 2017!

We are less than one month away and the love, tears, hugs, and stories we shared on the island were so rich and run so deep. I feel like I am blessed to return to the family.

The Pathway Through Forgiveness is truly the only way I've risen from my own broken heart and the past. It is truly a daily process but it gets better with each day. The desire to forgive comes first. It's definitely a pathway that we must choose for ourselves. The lighter we become, the easier it is to fly.

I can't wait to see you there !