The Guidance Of Others

Sometimes in life, you have to be willing to follow someone else's guidance. 
When we reached the very top of the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood, I couldn't believe the view!  I soon noticed a couple that looked like they were suspended in the air on these beams. I wanted to do it so bad!

I went and asked them to show me how to do it. 
When I tell you, it hurt, I screamed, and almost hurt myself really bad!!!! Lol, It was my first time and I just wanted to jump up there with no struggle and no pain.

First of all, my positioning was all wrong. The beam was on my pelvic bone instead of my upper thighs, but my core wasn't strong enough yet to balance my entire body. 
There are so many lessons to this.

Patience .

What stood out to me is that I didn't care that they were strangers. They knew how to do what I desired. I trusted them and followed their advice. Just because I couldn't do it right the first time, didn't mean I wouldn't get it eventually but I get soo frustrated BC there are some things that appear so simple yet we just aren't ready for.

I also love how Carla stood by for support just in case I busted my tail since I was soo adamant about getting up there. Eventually, I was able to let my hands go but the entire experience was painful the first time around. I'll keep working on it.

Once you know what you want to achieve, trust the right people, put in the work, and take your time. I'm learning my impatient self. 
Trust me! Some pain you want to avoid. Take it easy. Love you.

faithTierra Destiny