When your Marriage Goes Wrong

I had a close girlfriend who was in a domestic violent marriage. He showed all the signs after the wedding though he did not display them during the dating phase. Once, he woke up choking her through the night and blamed it on a nightmare.  She then planned her escape. Luckily, she is still alive and cared enough about her child to leave. Since their divorce, he has gone to a sunken place: suicidal, alcohol addiction, and more.

I kept seeing murders in my head like this could happen to her if she didn’t fully leave.  She said to me that it is not easy to leave and understood why some women stay longer than they should. We all have dealt with something longer than we should. Don't call your friend stupid. Instead, show her a new way. We printed off tons of resources for her in case she was ever ready. She lived in a shelter for 3 months. I'll never forget the fear we all had because he had moved her away from everyone.  For the men who are out there saying you are advocates for women, I must say....Your mind games and charm-filled manipulation is just as bad as the physical abuse. You are breaking women down mentally to control them. Abusers do it physically. I'm sure you will rationalize the difference, but don't question why she isn't strong enough to make a sound decision when you use it to your advantage seven nights a week. We must truly love our women and men and not be part of the problem. #reallycallingitanight thanks for sharing the article Janie Deadwyler God bless