Where does the road less traveled take you?

I don't have a billion dollars yet but I'm already rich. I'm free. I'm happy. I'm willing to feel whatever I feel and honor it. For so long, people have told us how to feel or want us to justify or explain why we feel a certain way. For one of the first chapters of my life, I can feel whatever I feel, express it respectfully, and stand up for it.

For every high, there is low if we allow the waves of life to control our emotions. Once we learn how to ride the wave and get on top of it, we go higher and we no longer have to justify our God given right to feel and express our truest emotions. I am soo grateful right now. It's overwhelming. Not because life is picture perfect but because I'm actively painting the picture I deserve with the colors and tools God hands to us daily. After traveling from coast to coast as a speaker, I decided that I wanted my actions to inspire more than my words. In order to do that, I had to commit to becoming the best version of myself from the inside out and from inside the house and out. You can't buy that. You have to simply decide, commit, and ride the waves.

Cali has been so good to me. All the companies that I reached out to about my mission embraced me with love and made my little heart so happy. The family members I connected with spoiled me rotten and treated me like family for real!!! Not an acquaintance. The friends I've seen felt like we hadn't missed a beat. The clients I worked with were in such an open space to receive and do the work. The strangers I met left a memory or laugh. The palm trees, ocean, sea gulls, sunset, tacos, hills in San Francisco, beautiful bridges, walk of fame, and ridiculous traffic in L.A, has all been good to me. I'm a different woman this trip and it's truly like finally living a dream that came true.

I hope God blesses me to teach the many lessons that have gotten me here while keeping in mind I still have a lot to learn. The road less traveled may be just the road that leads to what we desire. Love you guys and for those who genuinely love and support me, I thank you. Xoxo TDR