Who is Mr. RIGHT?

I had someone "show up" perfectly ...say all the right things...and not have his way with me. I addressed the tempo. He flipped the script and said he won't bother me again.

I repeat. I addressed the tempo respectfully. He said he won't bother me again.

Enforcing boundaries also drops the mask quicker BC you are strong enough to not get lost in the clouds. When you are already happy and at peace, you are not thirsty for someone to give it to you. You appreciate it, yes but not thirsty. Not lost in the clouds. Can't see straight until it's too late. Pay attention.

I have learned the hard way by giving my heart too soon in the past. Time . The truth is revealed with time.

Going over the speed limit causes accidents, expenses, and missed exits delaying the trip.

Fortunately, we can always reroute but I am so grateful that I have learned.

Just sharing my heart and lessons to help another man or woman BC the heart is fragile and deserves to be honored by YOU. If you don't cherish your own heart, don't leave it up to someone else. Honor you. #learningdaily